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How it works How it works (Traveler pool)-
  • New Delhi to Toronto(Apr 1, 2020, direct), Toronto to New Delhi(Sep 30, 2020, direct, return), $1600 approx(travel agent will confirm), traveler company and club, Pool for Kids/Elders/Singles -
  • for toronto residents who want company for their parents, kids. They can contact us showing their interest in mentioned flight
  • Travel agent will confirm the price and booking based on ticket availibilty and pool of people that have shown interest in same flight
  • All travelers in pool will be given signage to make it distinct and recognizable club
How it works (Buy )-
  • Shagun Gift Envelope(India), $1 piece, min order 30 piece , Limit 1 order per customer, free delivery -
  • for toronto residents who want to buy above mentioned available items (India)
  • They can place order here by paying at third party vendor payment system
  • The order will be delivered free
How it works ( Membership)-
  • Become member by submitting below with keyword 'membership' for notifications, updates
How it works (Product registration)-
  • you can register your product at with keyword 'register product'
How it works (Question)-
  • For question you may enter keyword 'question' with details